Hurricane V1.3 LIMITED EDITION - Ruthenium Black


Official description:

The Hurricane V1.3 by E-Phoenix is a Swiss-made rebuildable atomizer. It has a high quality finish and offers an incomparable quality vape thanks to ingenious and innovative design.

The build-deck of the Hurricane has a base with just two pins so it's very easy to set up. 

Designed for single coil assembly with cotton or Fiber Freaks, the Hurricane atomizer offers very impressive performance in terms of providing flavour. In addition to a providing unequalled flavour, the Hurricane has extremely precise airflow control. In fact, the 10 airflow options allow you to adjust the airflow closest to your taste. 

The Hurricane can also handle a low resistance, up to 0.6 ohms. Some reviewers came down to 0.25 with good results.

Enhancements to Hurricane V1.3

  • Stronger PMMA Tank
  • Enhancement Airflow ring with two bolt bearings (so it cant spin to far when screwing off the tank)
  • New Engravings on the top of the chimney
  • Two most sensitive O-rings included 


Features of Hurricane atomizer:


  • 316L Stainless Steel
  • Capacity: 3.5ml
  • Diameter: 22.5ml
  • Height: 47.5mm (without drip-tip)
  • 24 carat Gold plating adjustable connector
  • Air Flow control - 10 possibility (from 2 X 0.5mm to 2 X 2.5mm)
  • Made in Switzerland

*Note that the PMMA tank is very durable, so you can fill it with notorious 'tank cracking e-liquid', but do this at your own risk as not all juices are tested!

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