Sweet Spot Vapors Ti Wire 10'

Sweet Spot Vapors

10 Foot roll of SSV-Ti Wire and real Muji, Japanese cotton (unbleached, peroxide free, organic)

Sweet Spot Vapors Ti Wire is a revolutionary new vaping product. Ti wire is a temperature regulated resistance wire (PTC). This allows for UN-paralleled consistency and safety.

Sweet Spot Vapors positive temperature coefficient is suitable for BOTH mechanical devices, as well as regulated devices. This Titanium will work with VV, VW and "Temperature Protected" devices.

This Titanium is NOT off the shelf "industrial" grade wire. The guys at Sweet Spot Vapors spend over a year doing R&D. You will not find any other product like Sweet Spot Vapors Ti wire on the market. It is specifically designed, from the ground up, for vaping applications and represents a first and only category, for "vape specific" Titanium.

Ti wire is made from a custom metallurgical process, that was developed with SSV'S foundry and drawing facility. Ti wire contains NO chromium or nickel. The wire is made from certified medical grade titanium (ASTM F67) and undergoes a proprietary multi-stage vacuum annealing process. This removes unwanted impurities (induced during drawing) and allows for the most consistent heating possible. Ti wire will NOT form any harmful chromium, nickel or iron oxides, and therefore the flavor of your liquid remains completely pure. Additionally ALL wire is cleaned in an ultrasonic/steam bath, using food safe degreaser, followed by a rinse in distilled water.


the wire is designed to fail above it's max temperature....dry burning is NOT necessary to form tight coils

0.3mm: Ideal for rebuildable clearomizer coils, ramps up and regulates temperature quickly.

0.4mm: Ideal for RTA's and VV/VW devices, regulates temperature faster than 0.5mm and has a slightly cooler vape.

0.5mm: Ideal for RDAs and large airflow atomizers, slower ramp up and builds up slightly more heat.

0.6mm: Ideal for cloud-chasers, most similar to Kanthal.

If you are using the DNA200 platform, you can download the wire profiles here!

If you are using a Vape Forward device, we recommend a TCR of 0.00375

If you are using a SX or other device, we recommend a TCR of 0.00340


is back-ordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.